Yoga Poses


Yoga can be a refreshing, stress-relieving form of exercise that offers a massive amount of physical and psychological reimbursement. Yoga is an ancient form of exercise to keep our mental and physical fitness up to the mark. Basically there are so many types of yoga and most of the times it is very difficult to distinguish between them. You can choose good yoga poses every morning from our list for a healthy and peaceful mind and soul.

Here are some yoga poses and their benefits.

The Bridge

This pose is a very good for those who would like to improve their spinal flexibility and along with that it adds a lot of strength to your spine. Basically in this yoga pose it is the lifting of the chest and hips and making a pose of a bridge which is beneficial for stress relief, anxiety, and various mental disorders.

Child Pose

This is a relaxing pose for the body. Like its name, it is a pose in which the person should have regulated breaths, arms stretched, hips on rest and forehead touching your yoga mat. This pose is beneficial for neck and back pain and hip strain. This is one of the most body calming poses in yoga.

Easy Pose

The Easy Pose is as easy as it sounds. In this pose one sits in a straight position with legs crossed and spine stretched. The breathing should be calm and slow. The Easy pose as has many benefits for the body. it is helpful for your hips and abdominal area and gives you a sense of relaxation

Warrior 1

This yoga poses is very beneficial for those who had a tough and tiresome day. For you to relax yourself you just need to strengthen your legs and along with that open your chest and shoulders. This sort of movement keeps the mind at a good pace. Warrior 1 strengthens your muscles at the knee point, feet, shoulders and spine.

The Warrior II

Like other yoga poses, in this pose you have to stretch your legs and arms, open your chest and shoulders while it contracts the abdominal organs. The main thing in this yoga is focus. The breath is to be regulated and the stretching of your arms helps you to keep yourself calm and be patient.

Triangle Pose

For this yoga poses keep your feet around three feet apart and turn your right foot t to 90 degrees. Lift your left foot a bit to the right turn and while doing so raise your arms sideways. After that try to bend to your right arm and bring it towards the right ankle keeping both legs absolutely straight. Repeat this step on the other side as well. Triangle pose brings flexibility to the spine and strengthens your spine bone and pelvic region.

Shoulder stand

For this type of yoga poses you have to lie down on your back, lift your legs straight, keep your elbows inwards which will straighten the legs towards the ceiling. Keep your chest pressed into the chin. Keep your body weight upwards and not on your neck or shoulder. This pose can have you put a bit of stress on your shoulder, if you feel so try this pose by resting against the wall. Shoulder stand helps in the functioning of thyroid and parathyroid glands.

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