What causes bloating


Bloating or stomachic uneasiness is a general thing experienced by everyone at least once in a while. This is majorly due to unhealthy eating habits and you can sway it by having well planned diet. Sometimes you can have bloating without any bulky feast. If ignored for a long period can result into major issue such as bulging of abdomens or inflation.

Main question remains the same that exactly what causes bloating?

You may feel bulge in the belly or intestines when the gas doesn’t burp through it properly, this may result in bloating. This may also arouse some mild or severe pains in abdomen. Only proper passing of gas can make it less painful.

Here let’s study actually what causes bloating and ways to prevent it:

  1. Eating in hasty way: If you are having you meals very fast, then it can cause bloating. For this, one should consume their food slowly and moderately. This not only avoids bloating but also helps to maintain normal weight.
  2. Having oily and heavy food: Consumption of oily foodstuff can make you feel restless and packed. As this kind of food is heavy for digestion, it makes stomach feel full for a longer period. So avoid extra fats intake in daily diet.
  3. Eating too much: Don’t eat your food like a horse as this can cause bloating. Consuming food in petite quantity is preferable.
  4. Gas: Sometimes the gas produced in the intestine doesn’t pass through its tracts properly and it is hyped inside. This causes uneasiness and bloating. You can avoid these by reducing unhealthy dietary habits.
  5. Avoid foods which are difficult to assimilation: Some food stuff are little heavier for digestion such as beans, artificial sweeteners, whole grains, lentils and some vegetables like cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, etc. If the bloating persists then have pills having alpha-D-galactosidase as a remedy to help quickly digestion.
  6. Smoking: If you are a regular smoker then it can cause digestion complications. So quit smoking to avoid bloating.
  7. Avoid consuming carbonated drinks and having aerated stuff.
  8. If bloating is for longer period then it’s a serious problem. Concern your physician immediately and have proper diagnosis. Mostly it’s due to some kind of blockage in intestine, damaged stomach tissue, enlargement of any gastric element and defective digestive tracks. Remedy for this is only surgery.
  9. Sometimes too much stress and tension can also cause bloating. Solution for this is regular meditation.

So, as you can see above, the eating habits of a person is what causes bloating mainly; hence, if you keep your diet healthy and balanced, you are likely to be safe from this problem.

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