Lemon juice benefits


Are you looking for a drink which is inexpensive to make, keeps skin shimmering, helps in digestion, helps you shed weight and is full with vitamin C? Lemon juice is what your skin is looking. Lemon juice benefits is one of the citrus waters which have been very beneficial for the human body since the formation of mankind. It is loaded with lots and lots of health benefits. Lemons are filled with a great source of vitamin C and one cup of lemon juice can give you 187% of your daily recommended serving of vitamin C. It contains a large number of potassium, magnesium and copper which your body needs daily.

Here are some lemon juice benefits:

Dental Care:

You might have observed that most of your dental creams and liquids and they contain lemon juice. It is a frequently used agent in dental care. If you happen to have a toothache, fresh lemon juice can applied to the area for reducing the ache. It is a very powerful agent to kill germs and other bacteria hidden in your tooth. Some other lemon juice benefits are that it serves to be helpful when you have bleeding gums and Massaging the juice on your gums can stop the bleeding too. Not only does it eliminate various gum diseases but it can also eliminate the bad odor which has is a problematic factor for most people.

Cures Indigestion and Constipation:

Lemon juice benefits in curing problems related to indigestion and constipation and if you add few drops of lemon on your food it will definitely aid in digesting process. If you are have a cup of lemon juice every day it will help in purifying and cleansing your blood and which is very important for digestion. The trick to keep away from indigestion and constipation is to add some fresh lemon juice to your diet. The recipe is lemon juice, cold water, soda, salts and sugar/honey for sweetness. Adding some mint leaves or crushed fennel seeds can give you a unique flavor.

Hair tonic

For many years medical treatments have been using lemon juice as an essential ingredient in their products. Lemon juice is used on a wide scale for the treatment of hair care. Other easy lemon juice benefits are that lemon juice when applied to the scalp can prevent you from dandruff, hair loss and other problems related to the hair and scalp. An easy tip for shiny hair is that if you apply lemon juice directly on the hair, you can give your hair a natural shine.

High Blood Pressure

Lemon juice can be very helpful for blood pressure patients who are having various heart problems. Lemon juice contains potassium and it controls high blood pressure, dizziness, and nausea. It has a feature of providing calm sensations to mind and body and with such a result lemon juice is very effective to eliminate mental stress and depression which is an arising problem nowadays.

According to various studies in America and around the globe lemon juice benefits are that lemonade or lemon juice can reduce the rate of kidney stones by forming urinary citrate, which prevents the formation of crystals. Other than that lemon juice can be used in your kitchen as well. It serves as a washing agent and removes stain and is also used by many as a mosquito repellent. So this powerful little fruit has a number of features in itself and it can serve to be very useful in your daily life.

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