Grow Hair Faster Grow Hair Faster

Grow Hair Faster

To be frank and candid, there is no magic that can make you grow hair faster or you’re your hair grow long without add hair extensions. Do you want to grow hair faster but don’t know how to go about it?

Give any of these grow hair faster tips a try to help you grow hair faster that you can even imagine!

Wet Hair Massage 

This method of growing hair faster is done by massaging the scalp of your hair with the tips of your finger, in the course of washing it, beginning from the back of the your neck to the hairline area. This is not a grow hair faster method that will keep you long in the shower.

Dry Scalp Massage

Another tip to grow hair faster is by giving yourself scalp massages right at the comfort of your home. This will arouse the blood flow to your scalp and aids the nutrients to reach your hair follicles faster.

Grow Hair Faster

Apply Vitamin 101

Taking Vitamin that has antioxidant blends and Vitamin B derivatives each day will augment the strength of hair and grow hair faster as well, according to a UCLA dermatologist.

In addition, supplements such as biotin that you can get at any pharmacy in your locality makes hair grow faster and encourages healthy hair. On the other hand, Viviscal is suggested by some hair professionals as a way to grow hair faster.

Condition Your Hair

As conditioner refills nutrients that your hair requires to be glossy and healthy, shampoo takes whatever grime and dirt out of your scalp and hair. Consequently, apply condition your hair with shampoo once in a while.

Rinse Your Hair with Cold Water

Rinse your hair with cold water for at least a few seconds before stepping out of the shower. This will assist in sealing your hair cuticles, and put a stop to heat damage and moisture loss.

Lay the Heat Tools off

Right from the bottom of your heart, you understand that the burnt hair smell that your hair straightener produces cannot be a great sign for what it is really doing to your tresses. Hence, make use of your flat iron, curling iron, and dryer not quite often, and when you do, make use of an effective product such as Nexxus ProMend Heat Protecting Mist to protect your strands from being hurt.

In the alternative, if you want to grow hair faster, stay away from using steaming hot water when washing you hair, because it can weaken your hair strands.

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