Energy boosting foods


We all need energy for our body to perform various tasks in everyday life. We gain this energy through various physical and mental efforts done by us. The body needs a lot of energy everyday and we get this energy through a various fruits vegetables, minerals and vitamins. There are many energy boosting foods which are part of our diet and they keep us going every day.

Here are some amazing energy boosting foods we all should know about.

Lemon Water

If you are in search of a very simple ingredient in your food for boosting energy, lemon water is what you need. Adding lemon to water transforms regular H20 into a natural energy drink that is packed with electrolytes, which are critical for cells to produce energy. Hydration in general is a key for mood boosting and according to a 2012 study found that women who were mildly dehydrated reported feeling fatigued.

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruits are the most important energy boosting foods. They contain natural sugar and keep the blood sugar levels steady, which is basically packed with fibers. Fresh strawberries, blueberries contain vitamin C and help turn fat to energy. Add lots of pineapple which contains iodine and helps control how quickly your body burns energy. Fruits with peels, like bananas or apples, are good choices to take to work or when you’re on the go.


Nuts are high in magnesium and the nuts which contain magnesium are Cashews, almonds, and hazelnuts. These nuts play a key role in converting sugar to energy. These nuts are filled with fiber which helps in keeping your blood sugar levels even and are the best energy boosting foods. Include a handful of nuts in your diet plan to stay energetic all day.


Carrots are one of the easiest available energy boosting foods. You can get baby carrots which are the perfect size for snacking and require zero prep and you can quickly make your own “carrot chips” by slicing them into circles and you can use them to dip into hummus for added energy. You can also simply cut regular carrots into sticks and enjoy a crunchy snack that will give you guilt-free energy with no crash at a bare minimum of expense.

Herbal Teas

One can gain energy with a cup of their favorite herbal tea throughout the day. There are many herbal teas which are really nothing more than a spice or an herb mixed with hot water. Green tea is a good choice, but if you’re looking for energy without the caffeine you can make a ginger tea, or a ginseng tea. Taken between meals, teas can fill that void and give you what amounts to long-lasting energy.

Eggs are a protein-packed way to start your morning, which makes them an especially good choice for those that are lifting weights as part of their fitness agenda. Eggs are often used as part of a fitness routine that involves lifting weights to help build muscle. More lean muscle will give your body more energy on a day to day basis.

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