3 Easy Weight Loss Exercises to Burn Stubborn Fat Fast!


Weight loss exercises are very important if you want to lose weight just as exercises are an essential tool for weight loss. However, how much exercise to be carried out in a week differs from one person to another. It is recommend that weight loss exercises should be at least 250 minutes a week, which means approximately 50 minutes for the 5 days in a week. On the other hand, start with simple and less exercise until you get fitter, you are a beginner.

It is important to understand the fact that weight loss happens when your body burns more calories than you consume. Observations revealed that many people take radical measures to get results in weight loss. Instead of taking weight loss exercises, they take pills, or even buy a kind of bizarre fitness gadgets that promise instantaneous success.

Introducing small but permanent life changes is the real secret to successful weight loss, while the key for success is to forget about immediate outcomes and begin to think about maintaining slim body in the long run.

It is wrong to believe that you can lose weight with simple home exercises without serious cardio. For instance, you must incorporate cardio, if you want to get rid of belly fat because it burns the most calories.

Here are 3 weight loss exercises you can do to burn that stubborn fat fast!


Cycling is a great weight loss exercise, whether indoors or outdoors. In involves making use of the strength in your leg. Depending on how fast you ride and how strong is the resistance, you can increase your endurance with burning calories from 250 – 500 in just 30 minutes.

Cycling can be integrated into everyday life, which makes it better than other activities. You can use your bike for carrying out everyday assignments through the city or ride it from work back home. You can also ride the bike in a fitness center when the weather is not favorable.


Running exercise for weight loss is a perfect choice and you can do it at anytime and anywhere you find yourself. This exercise doesn’t need any special device or equipment except your quality running shoes. It helps in building strong bones and connective tissues. Running also speeds up the heart and helps you burn calories, particularly if you try interval training, sprint or add ups.

Walking is the another weight loss exercise

Walking is also one of the great exercises. Just like running, you need no special machine and you can walk anywhere at any time you desire. As you are walking to increase calorie burning significantly, it is difficult to hasten your heartbeat. However, overweight person can burn almost 180 calories in 30 minutes of walking. You will increase the intensity of your exercises on daily basis when you include brisk walking, the climb, or walking combined with running.

Final Thought

Different weight loss exercises and ideas are great because they all work if you stick to them and make them part of your lifestyle. In other words, be unfailing, get a plan and maintain it. Be committed to what you are doing and you will surely achieve great success in your weight loss dream. You will get positive results as you will build a far, fitter, stronger, happier, stronger, and leaner you.

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