10 Best Weight Loss Foods


Weight loss foods are supposed to make you lose weight tremendously. However, due to the fact that nearly all foods contain calories make it difficult to believe that all weight loss foods will make you lose weight. Despite this, there are still quite a lot of foods that can still help you lose weight greatly if you go for them.

Discussed below are weight loss foods that will make you lose weight fast.

Grapefruit – The consumption of half grapefruit ahead of each meal can reduce levels of a fat-storage hormone called insulin and this will eventually cause weight loss. On the other hand, grapefruit contains plenty water and protein that make you feel full all the time.

Brown rice – This is a better choice than white rice as it doesn’t contain too much starch. Brown rice is a healthy carbohydrate food that smolder fat and aids in boosting metabolism. In addition, brown rice doesn’t contain too much calories.

Apples – Apples contain fiber that will fill you to satisfaction in order for you to consume smaller quantity of calories. However, eat apple before meal. On the other hand, apples are great at harmonizing blood sugar that can assist you in making enhanced snacking choices that will not make you to be hungry quickly.

Eggs – These are satisfying protein that arouses a fat-burning hormone that assists in starving the belly fat. For eggs to work effective as weight loss foods, eat everything and not only the whites.

Oats – Taking one bowl of oatmeal for your breakfast will last you till the time for your lunch. Oats contain sufficient fiber that wage war against unnecessary cravings.

Red wine – Resveratrol in red wine enhances the amount of calories you burn and helps in guiding against fat storage for almost 90 minutes after you must have drank it. Those who drink wine moderately have a tendency of having narrow waists and less belly fat compared to those who drink liquor.

Salmon – This weight loss food is great because it doesn’t contain unhealthy fats. It has good taste, lean protein and lots of omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the effective functioning of the heart.

Chia seeds – It rich in fiber and contained omega-3 seeds that take up about 20 times of their weight in water. They also act similar to small sponges that soak up sugar and harmonize blood sugar levels, which will not make you keen for snack any longer.

Turkey – This weight loss food has an amino acid known as tryptophan that translates to serotonin when it gets to the brain. Serotonin enhances your mood and subdues your hunger, which helps in making you stop thinking about cravings.

Mushrooms – These are weight loss foods that will give you the same satisfaction of eating the same dishes prepared with beef, but with less saturated fat and fewer calories.

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